Marilyn Pearsol Giorgetti - Author (From The Horses's Mouth, Seeking Tomorrow)

"...When I first met Jennifer in a writers' group, she would critique my work in a way that was different---more clarifying and natural than the others.Her suggestions were right on. She seemed instinctively to know what I meant to convey. I had just finished my memoir, "Seeking Tomorrow" and asked Jennifer to edit it. Thanks to her concise and brilliant editing--and many rewrites-- it is complete and ready for publishing. It has been a wonderfully rewarding experience working with someone of her caliber"

Janene Russick, Writer of Nonfiction:

"I am amazed. You didn't rearrange me; you clarified me. Thanks...I am soooo encouraged!"

Dana Sudborough, Author of Fatima's Fate, A Novel by Winsome Word, 2009, and Continents Apart, a Novel by White Rose Publishing, 2011:

"Jennifer has a rare knack in spotting the strengths and weaknesses of any novel I give her to critique. She applauds the strengths and prods me to fix the weaknesses. She spots the scenes that don't advance the story, the dialogue that doesn't ring true to character and the key points of drama where I need to reveal more of the heart and gut of the protagonist. Far more than an editor helping me clean my manuscript, she challenges me as a coach to push beyond my best effort and, with the help of God, grow as an author. I highly recommend her editorial services."

Chris Pedersen, Travel Writer and Children's Author:

"Jennifer is like a writing coach. She gets inside your manuscript and helps you see its strengths and weaknesses--viewing it as one organic entity as she edits. While cheerleading well-written areas, she possesses the ability to deftly describe how an area might be improved. Making it "pop" for the reader. You will come away from the experience with a renewed excitement and motivation to make your manuscript sing."

Julie Williams, Writer of Historical Fiction:

"The years Jennifer has spent developing her craft as a writer have made her a brilliant editor. Her critiques provide invaluable insight into the trends and techniques of the craft without changing my voice as an author. My abilities as a writer continue to grow under Jennifer's patient mentoring."

Sue Tornai, Author of Nonfiction:

"Jennifer's skill in developing story, character emotion and dialogue whether crafting fiction or non-fiction articles makes her an invaluable editor. Her evaluations are filled with suggestions and encouragement that will improve any manuscript."

Beth Self, Fiction Writer:

"The two books of mine edited by Jennifer are greatly improved because of her compassionate writer's insight. She is able to keep my intent and yet clarify my meaning. She cuts to the quick the sentences that are ambiguous and wordy. Jennifer uses her editing gift to grasp and enrich the details of my plot and characterization. She has the ability to tweak my dialogue to make it more alive. Jennifer has the skill that makes my writing clean without losing my voice and style."

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